Building Belief By Taking Up A Personal Challenge

Having a daily ritual is the best way to keep working on what you love, but it is also difficult to create the habit in the first place. In this episode, I share a simple way to build belief in yourself and in what you create by taking up a personal challenge. Listen to the … Continued

Meet The Luckiest Person Alive

We all think luck plays a big role in success, and we hear about how hard work plays a big role in luck. Which of these two ideas is right? In this episode, I introduce you to who I feel is the luckiest person alive to try answer that very question. Listen to the episode … Continued

A Wake Up Call From Your Body

The creative process is taxing, and if you’re working on your passion along with your job or business or anything else, then it’s two times as tiring and takes a lot out of you. In this episode, I share how I learned this the hard way and how you can start taking better care of … Continued

Interview With Jon Westenberg (The Voidist)

Jon Westenberg is the founder of Creatomic and The Voidist and a prolific writer famous infamous for the healthy dose of swearing his writing generally has. His articles have been featured on Huff Post, Business Insider and Thought Catalog. In this episode, we talk about writing everyday, creating rituals around your creative work and how … Continued

The Accountant In Your Head

The grind is hard, and it’s made even harder by that judgemental little voice at the back of our heads which thinks we are not going to get good, what we are doing is boring and nothing good can ever come of it. In this episode, I share how our critical selves (the accountant in … Continued

Interview With Daniel Wendler (

Daniel Wendler teaches the basics of conversation and body language and how to build your own community of good friends at After struggling with rejection, bullying and being the outcast through out his childhood and being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome later in life, Dan took it upon himself to learn how to be better … Continued

On (Almost) Giving Up

The creative’s path is a lonely one, but we’ve got to be careful that we don’t let that stop and give up on our dreams. In this episode, I share how I almost gave up on this podcast, and what keeps me going. Listen to the episode below: I’d love to hear your thoughts, insights … Continued

Interview with Brad Sucks

In this episode, I interviewed Brad Sucks, the OG of crowdfunding your album and one of the first people to give away his music for free online. Brad and I talk about how to trust yourself and your art, stop worrying about things being perfect and focusing on building a fan base instead. Listen to … Continued

How To Miss Out On A Life Worth Living

All of life’s regrets start the same way – “I could have, I would have, I should have.” If you’re not choosing yourself today, you’re choosing the version of your life that you don’t like. In this episode, I talk about how we constantly miss out on the life we want to live – a … Continued

Trust Your Gut If You Want To Do What You Love

You’ve probably done something in spite of your intuition not to, and hated it. You’ve probably done something because of your intuition and loved it. The way to getting things right on your journey of following your passion is to trust your gut feelings. In this episode, I talk about how we misunderstand our intuition … Continued