A Wake Up Call From Your Body

The creative process is taxing, and if you’re working on your passion along with your job or business or anything else, then it’s two times as tiring and takes a lot out of you. In this episode, I share how I learned this the hard way and how you can start taking better care of … Continued

Trust Your Gut If You Want To Do What You Love

You’ve probably done something in spite of your intuition not to, and hated it. You’ve probably done something because of your intuition and loved it. The way to getting things right on your journey of following your passion is to trust your gut feelings. In this episode, I talk about how we misunderstand our intuition … Continued

How To Find Your Unique Style Or Voice

What makes you unique? How do you find your artistic style? How can you create art you resonate with? In this episode, I interview digital artist Adrienn Ecsedi and we discussed how one can stay honest in their art and how to use things that matter to you to create new material. Listen to the … Continued

How To Consistently Create Something Perfect

Can you create something perfect? Something everyone loves and cares about? In this episode, I’m sharing the holy grail of creating awesome stuff by just getting started and pushing yourself to finish something. Listen to the episode below: Transcript: This is it folks. This is how you take your passion to major, major heights. Or … Continued