Meet The Luckiest Person Alive

We all think luck plays a big role in success, and we hear about how hard work plays a big role in luck. Which of these two ideas is right? In this episode, I introduce you to who I feel is the luckiest person alive to try answer that very question. Listen to the episode … Continued

Interview With Daniel Wendler (

Daniel Wendler teaches the basics of conversation and body language and how to build your own community of good friends at After struggling with rejection, bullying and being the outcast through out his childhood and being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome later in life, Dan took it upon himself to learn how to be better … Continued

On (Almost) Giving Up

The creative’s path is a lonely one, but we’ve got to be careful that we don’t let that stop and give up on our dreams. In this episode, I share how I almost gave up on this podcast, and what keeps me going. Listen to the episode below: I’d love to hear your thoughts, insights … Continued

How To Miss Out On A Life Worth Living

All of life’s regrets start the same way – “I could have, I would have, I should have.” If you’re not choosing yourself today, you’re choosing the version of your life that you don’t like. In this episode, I talk about how we constantly miss out on the life we want to live – a … Continued

Trust Your Gut If You Want To Do What You Love

You’ve probably done something in spite of your intuition not to, and hated it. You’ve probably done something because of your intuition and loved it. The way to getting things right on your journey of following your passion is to trust your gut feelings. In this episode, I talk about how we misunderstand our intuition … Continued

How To Believe In Yourself & Your Message

Belief always comes first. If you want to work on something you love, you’ve got to believe it is worth it and that you can do it. How do you build this belief without relying on validation and approval? In this episode, I share how to believe in yourself and your message and keep on … Continued

How To Use Fear To Drive Your Passion

Fear shows up in our lives every time we try to do something out of our comfort zone. But, should that stop you from doing what you love? In this episode, how to use fear to create amazing things, expand your comfort zone and achieve success with your passion.. Listen to the episode below: I’d … Continued

How To Find Time For What You Love

Life is damn busy. And it’s hard. And plus it passes us by too fast. It’s like you get on a bus that refuses to stop, and never lets you off even if you have to pee in your pants. In this episode, I share how a simple change in how we look at the … Continued

How To Find Your Unique Style Or Voice

What makes you unique? How do you find your artistic style? How can you create art you resonate with? In this episode, I interview digital artist Adrienn Ecsedi and we discussed how one can stay honest in their art and how to use things that matter to you to create new material. Listen to the … Continued