Meet The Luckiest Person Alive

We all think luck plays a big role in success, and we hear about how hard work plays a big role in luck. Which of these two ideas is right?

In this episode, I introduce you to who I feel is the luckiest person alive to try answer that very question.

Listen to the episode below:


today I want to introduce you to the luckiest person alive in the world.

And that is: you.

Yes, you. You, who’s listening to me saying this. You are the luckiest person alive.

Notice what happens when you first hear that out loud. Being the luckiest person alive means a lot of things to us: money, fame, success, love, health and pizza, a lot of pizza. And soon as we come across that we are the luckiest person alive, the first thing our mind thinks about how we don’t have any of those things. Irrespective of whatever definition of success you have, it is always some mix of money, relationships and health. The thought that we are lucky is always followed by reasons why we really aren’t because of all the challenges, problems, limitations and downright hard luck that we are dealing with right now.

So let’s leave that idea for now, and let’s say you are the second luckiest person alive. The second luckiest. What is that life made of? Probably the same wealth and success, but maybe some problems and some challenges too. Think about this for a minute – you’re the second luckiest person alive. How hard it is to imagine that life, isn’t it? How much wealth and success are we talking about? What kind of challenges are we looking at? What does it feel like?

It’s interesting how we have quite a clear idea of what being the luckiest person alive means, but not what being the second luckiest person alive would feel like. Or the third, or the fourth, or the fifth. The only thing we can see is a gradient or a graph: as you go down the “luck” axis, you start going up on the “challenges” and “problems” and “hard luck” axis.

And here’s the crazy part: to anyone standing at any point on that graph, anyone above them on the “luck” axis seems to be the luckiest person. So while you have some sort of definition of the luckiest person alive, you can look at someone who doesn’t fit that definition but is still the luckiest because they’re luckier than you are.

Goes without saying: you must be the luckiest person alive. At least to someone, probably to most people. I think this is what makes you powerful. The fact that you can feel like the luckiest person alive, and look at your strengths and how you can use them in your life to turn it around puts you in the company of greats – because that’s where they started out as well.

You’re probably wondering – what does this have to do with following your passion at all? Why am I even talking about luck on a podcast that has nothing to do with luck?

Because you can use this to your advantage.

On days when it’s hard to work on something you love, on days when you feel like giving up, on days when what you like to do doesn’t give you the kick it is supposed to, on days when your work life eats away at your body and leaves no energy to work on what you love at the end of the day – I want you to remember that you’re the luckiest person alive.

You are lucky, because you know what your calling is. There are people out there who will never know what they were made to do. Or they’ll realize it too late.

You are lucky, because you know you can do something about your situation. You have the power. There are people out there who will never feel powerful enough to change their own lives.

You are lucky, because you can sit down and work on something you love. Whether that’s for an hour or 15 minutes is immaterial – there are people out there who cannot.

You are lucky, because you’ll always be able to say you tried. There is someone out there who only has regret where there was potential.

I think that it pays to not be the luckiest person alive. It makes us realize what we are truly missing and makes us fight real, real hard for what we want to do. It puts us in the driving seat, because we can always direct where we want to go, instead of letting life do it for us.

You could call this an attitude of gratitude but that only captures part of my understanding of this concept. It is good to be grateful for what you have, and it’s something I’ve realized after a lot of ups and downs. But you also need to realize that not having luck on your side means you have infinite power over what you are, what you can be, what you can do, and what you can achieve. In fact, I feel achieve is not even the right word – it’s loaded with, you guessed it, hard work and luck. I think you have the power to do what you want to do, the way you want to do it and it’s important to realize this power.

I have a quick exercise that I like to do – you could call this a mindset that you must be in – so that I come back to what I love over and over.
Here it is:

Always ask yourself: what if you are just about to be lucky?

Work as if you’re about to have the best luck in the whole world where everything is going to suddenly fall into place for you and you are going to have anything and everything that you ever wanted. All the opportunities, all the success, all the craziness that you ever dreamed of – is right around the corner. You don’t see it, you don’t feel it, you kinda don’t even want it because it’s going to be cray-cray-craaazzyy – but it’s coming. It’s all coming.

When you really start getting into that mindset, you’ll work on what you love with a renewed passion. You can stop caring about where this is going and simply start doing what you’re supposed to do.

Think about it as a surprise party. You like parties, you dream about parties, you want to party. And it’s coming – some friend somewhere, some stranger somewhere – is about to send you an invite. It’s going to be the best party of your life and you know it.

Are you suited up? Is your dress ready in the wardrobe? How about shoes, they ready to go? And most of all, are you ready to party? Are you ready to have the best time of your life? Are you ready to get lucky?

You are already the luckiest person alive because you’re always ready – you are always doing what you love, you are constantly finding new ways to follow your passion within the boundaries of what you have right now. And from there, good things happen.

So let me leave you with this thought:

It may look like luck happens to the luckiest person alive. But truly, the luckiest person alive happens to luck.

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