How To Handle Negativity And Negative People Easily

We all have people around us who see what we love to do as a sheer waste of time. Often, these are people close to us and we keep wishing they would understand how important something is to us for once. In this episode, I share a few techniques on how to handle negativity and … Continued

Is Your Comfort Zone Killing Your Passion Altogether?

Stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to learn anything. But our comfort zones can also stop us from following our passion altogether, and it’s very hard to detect when this happens. In this episode, I share how you can check if your comfort zone is not letting you do what you love, … Continued

Fix Your “I AM” To Get Back To Your Passion

The easiest way to go from dreaming of following your passion or “going back to your art” is to simply make it a part of your identity. In this episode, I share with you the easiest way to do this, the key reason you are not using this already even if you’ve known about this … Continued

How To Build Your Inner Circle

Art is HARD. Following your passion is all about getting down to it and doing the grunt work. Having an inner circle – a close set of people who can give you feedback and appreciation – helps immensely when you need that extra bit of motivation. In this episode, I’ll share why your inner circle … Continued

How To Consistently Create Something Perfect

Can you create something perfect? Something everyone loves and cares about? In this episode, I’m sharing the holy grail of creating awesome stuff by just getting started and pushing yourself to finish something. Listen to the episode below: Transcript: This is it folks. This is how you take your passion to major, major heights. Or … Continued

How To Stick With What You Love

Do you start and stop a lot of projects? Do you know what you love but cannot stick to it? Do you miss doing what you love? I share my simple 3 step process to help you stay on track with following your passion. Listen to the episode below: Transcript On my computer, I’ve got … Continued

Are You Too Old To Follow Your Passion?

When is the right time to start following your passion? Is it too late? Are you too old? For this episode of the Passionative Podcast, I want to share why this – right now – is the best time to start following your passion. Listen to the episode below: Transcript “I am too old to … Continued